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Skunk's Life is strictly a paper publication. They publish short stories, humor, essays, articles about travel, health, lifestyles or anything that can hold editor DB Pedlar's attention. And your writing does not necessarily have to be about skunks!

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Skunk’s Life #22 looking for stories, articles, or humor about Recycling. Keep in mind, the skunk’s idea of recycling may cover anything from reincarnation, twice baked potatoes to the actual task of separating plastic, paper, and metal. Send submissions (no attachments please) to DB Pedlar.
Payment at this time is one copy of the issue that your writing appears in and $6 on publication. All rights return to the author.

Upcoming special issue of the skunks: Playing With the Band. Do you like to read other people’s mail? It will be an opportunity to read a few letters between DB Pedlar and New York City musicians.

Payment at this time is one copy of the issue that your writing appears in and $6 on publication. All rights return to the author.

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Currently in Skunk's Life:

    Issue No 22

    Guin the Shiba hangs out with one of the skunks from Skunk's Life

Illustrations by Davida Brier
Edited by Carol Cinnamon

  • Fiction, including:

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    The zine is available at bookstories in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Mexico and via snail mail through the publisher, but money received from sales goes back into paying the writers first. Any money leftover pays for supplies and publishing costs. Carol, the Nurse, and editor DB Pedlar work for free.

    "Hey," Pedlar says, "I am a writer, not a businessperson, what can I say?"

    Pedlar does try to be writer-friendly. Instead of outright rejecting a manuscript he thinks has potential, Pedlar will gladly offer suggestions, ask questions and sometimes even rewrite it a little to show what he means. This is all for the simple purpose of helping the writer get published. On the occasions Pedlar does help rewrite, he gives his help freely, with no conditions attached. It remains the author's work and their byline, and Pedlar makes no claims on their work.

    "My goal from the very beginning," Pedlar explains, "was and still is to give writers a place to get published, gain confidence and to believe in themselves. Plus it's a market for seasoned writers to cultivate new readers. I occasionally reprint stories from other publications (with writers permission and if they own the rights, of course). I really like to help them find new readers. I have stories I found on the web and searched down the writers to get their permission. Hey, you can't beat having your story published on the web and then turn around and get paid for it by appearing in Skunk's Life!!"

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    If anyone lives near Quimby's in Chicago, Illinois - Kent, Ohio - or Erie, PA, the "skunks" can be purchased in stores for $1.50. The rest are sold through the mail by contacting DB Pedlar, Skunk's Life, 25727 Cherry Hill Road, Cambridge Springs, PA 16403 or e-mail DB Pedlar.

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